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    Dear Dragon Handlers,

                                                     We have come a long way since the introduction of Mystical Creatures Dragons.    New traits have been revealed and oh how we love them.  How exciting!  With that let me start out with FIRE!  Kisses like Fire....erm wait no Skin on fire!  AH!  Backwards scratch that reverse.  Fire Skins!  Let me introduce you to them: 1413198592_FIRESKINART.thumb.jpg.1a17abfa2f643cce5b469118e0e3c9d5.jpg

    When we purchased our dragon starter packs we were delighted to find the Ceondet, Datentud, & the Ukeinth by breeding the starter dragons together.  The next Fire skin to appear on the scene was the Flarenacht.  When you breed any two dragons with the Twilight Enkindler traits you could have a chance at getting this skin.....surprise!  The Brimstone is our latest Fire skin and this gorgeous skin was hiding in the 2022 Legendary Edition-Blazing Horizon.  

    All of these skins do have the ability to pass!  So dear readers when you need to put a little fire in your life, look no further!  Design your favorite fire dragon today!  This is Maggie Mae with the Dragon Corner.  


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