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    Avalon Crystal

    Delivery Resumed!

    Hey everyone! What a great day and its Saturday!
    Last night we did resume delivery on found digging items, they have all been sent out so please check your inventory if you were expecting one!

    Lets talk about the changes that were made:
    Blueprints are now transferable, when you receive a Blueprint it will be no perms until you rez it out on the ground and activate it, once you do this when you pick it up you will be able to transfer. 
    This means that Blueprints are what you will want to trade with friends or sell in the 3rd party market!
    Items received from crafting Blueprints will be non transfer, so once you craft a Blueprints that item will be forever yours!

    As always if you have any issues please file a ticket @ https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/support/ and we will get you taken care of as soon as possible! Happy Crafting, Digging, and Breeding!

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