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    Crafting is a "side quest" in dragon breeding. It isn't part of the breeding game, so it's not mandatory in the process, though it is fun and enjoyable entertainment. 

    What do you need to craft? A forge, a blueprint of what you will make, resources, Ascension Points, and a catalyzer. The Leyline forge is a free item at any Mystical Creatures store. All other products are the fruit of digging. It doesn't mean you need to dig yourself, as most people don't have the time or patience to work them all. There is a market of dig items you can trade or buy what you miss or need.

    Examples of items you can craft are chests, backpacks, plushies, horns, and more. Some blueprints are perennial; others are seasonal and themed. Those seasonal items become more desired and valuable, even becoming a trend.

    Resources are raw materials (Wood, Stone, Chittin, Clay, and Crystal), fabrics (Cotton, Wool, Leather, Silk, and Gossimer), and metals (Copper, Iron, Gold, Mithril, Orichalcum). 



    Glowing Orb and Soul Gem are catalysts you may need in your crafting; not all crafting will require catalyzers.

    Now the crafting guide, a little algorithm you must follow:

    1. Make sure that your Mystical Dragons HUD is attached, rezz out your Leyline Forge, your Blueprint, and any Catalyst you need
    2. Click the Blueprint you will see in the local chat:
      •  Leyline Forge: Blueprint: detected, checking for ingredients ...
    3. If you do not have all ingredients, the forge will tell you what you need in the chat.
    4. If you have all ingredients needed, they will show on your HUD in the Blueprint box. Choose which items to use by clicking them in the resources box; once you select them, a Craft button will appear at the top of your HUD, click the craft button, and you will see the following in local chat:
      • Mystical Dragons ~Leyline Forge~: Attempting to consume items ...
      • Mystical Dragons ~Leyline Forge~: Consuming item Blueprint
      • Mystical Dragons ~Leyline Forge~: Congratulations! You have crafted! This item has been sent to you inworld; please check your inventory!
    5. Your objects folder in your inventory receives the crafted item, and the Blueprint and Catalyst used will disappear.
    6. If there is any reason you don't want to craft or cancel the process, click your Leyline Forge and then click cancel. It -terminates the process; and you can start your next craft.
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