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    Combat FAQ!

    Mystical Creatures released on Sept 15, 2021 these dragons are well made and absolutely beautiful! But! We knew you guys wanted more! So we hit the ground running with ways that we could be innovative and enhance your breedable experience. 

    Thats where the idea of Combat came to life, we have worked very hard to come up with a completely new experience and game that you can play with your Mystical Creatures! 

    One thing I want to stress to you guys that when combat is released in the 2.0 update it is an live testing version available to everyone. Once testing is complete we will clear all leader boards and stats and release our complete version. You DO NOT have to be in beta group to have access to combat in version 2.0! 

    Lets talk basics!
    In the simplest terms, a turn-based RPG is a game in which a primary method of interacting with the world (usually combat) is turn-based. 

    Combat will be completely free!

    2 different versions of Combat:
    PVE - Player vs Environment - Random encounters that happens when wearing your dragon and combat is turned on

    PVP- Player vs Player -  Matches against other people who are in combat mode

    What is needed to Battle?
    PVE- Dragon and HUD, Biome
    PVP-Dragon, Arena, Hud, Opponent 

    Whats a Biome?
    Different types of creatures spawn in different 'biomes', rewarding various kinds of loot when defeated in addition to XP.

    Who can Battle?
    Anyone with a Dragon and a HUD!

    Dragon must be 5 days old to combat!

    How long will a battle last?
    Several turns between you and your opponent! 

    Where can I battle?
    PVE - Anywhere you can ride a Dragon
    PVP- Anywhere you can rez an Arena

    How many people can battle at once?
    2 people if PVP, 1 Person if PVE

    Which dragons can battle
    Starter and LE Dragons CAN NOT BATTLE!
    Ancient dragons CAN NOT battle

    Crafted items give a boost to your dragon while fighting, 

    There will always be a clear winner no draws!

    We will have a leader board system that will show you who is top ranked!

    There will be levels for you guys master, and difficulty levels, and boss fights!

    Rewards? Oh yes we got em! There will be all kinds of loot and things you will receive from becoming a Dragon Combat master! 

    You will be able to make any Dragon combat ready by interacting with them as babies this will influence their battling stats!

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