• Livia


    I was at an auction this morning and witnessed an interesting conversation between two dragon breeders that started as a little joke between them about a pretty dragon one was trying to sell at the auction. 

     - Hey "John Doe"; I have the perfect drake for your female!

    - Oh really, "Jane Doe"? Let me see it.

    After a few more words, they decided to breed their dragons together to develop a project in common.

    People breed their dragons for numerous reasons; some do it for fun, others for monetary profit. It's interesting how, no matter the reason you do it, collaborating with another breeder is a common objective and is a joyful experience.


    Here are some specific reasons why dragon breeders might choose to collaborate:

    • To breed dragons with specific traits. By breeding dragons from different lines, breeders can create new dragons with unique combinations of traits. It can be especially beneficial for breeders trying to breed dragons for specific purposes, such as racing or breeding.
    • To share resources and knowledge. Breeding dragons can be expensive, and it can be helpful for breeders to share resources such as food, consumables, and breeding space. Additionally, breeders can learn from each other's experiences and share tips and advice.
    • To build relationships with other breeders. Breeding dragons can be a solitary hobby, but it can be more enjoyable to share it with others. By collaborating with other breeders, breeders can make new friends and build a community of like-minded people.
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