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    Best Of 2023 Mystical Creatures Contest!

    Hey Mystical Fam!  How is everyone today?? I know a lot of you have been wondering about the Best of 2023 contest and how to submit your entry, well lets talk about it! 

    To submit your contest entry please send a nc to Avalon Crystal with your dragons full stats, including uuid, parents, you can include a photo if you have one.

    Please name your notecard with your Full SL name and Best of 2023 contest entry.

    I will review all submission making sure they meet the requirements, once I have confirmed your entry I will ask you to send your dragon, please do not send me your dragon before I have accepted your entry and contacted you. 

    I will then be placing out dragons for all to see, and be judged by our anonymous judges! Good Luck everyone have a great day and make today mystical!

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