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    Amber Piebald Marking!

    Hey there Mystical Family! Hope all is well with everyone! I know its been a few days since my last post so I apologize! 

    Lets shine our spotlight on another new Dragon Marking you may have seen! I am talking about the Amber Piebald!


    Where does it come from?
    Well the Marking: Amber Piebald comes from the 2024 Legendary Edition Koi Fish! 

    So that means that we have seen Amber and Citrine Koi traits, a Citrine Piebald marking, and now Amber Piebald marking!

    Those Koi Legendary Edition Dragons were packs with newess! I hope that you are still breeding yours! 

    The Amber Piebald marking DOES have the ability to pass! So keep your eyes out for this gorgeous marking! 

    I am excited to see what kinda of combos you all create with this one! 

    Make today Mystical! 

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