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    Dear Breeders,
    Are you a collector *coughs* hoarder? Have you already amassed a menagerie of dragons in your inventory?    Why not create your own personal museum of dragons?  I went to visit two museums today.  Both were amazing and both very different. 

    The first step in starting your museum is to decide on what you want t display.  For example maybe you love to design showstopper dragons or maybe you are a purist and love to make a five traited dragons with all the same traits.  Or perhaps you like to mix it up and you do a little of both.  Either way your museum should reflect what you like to breed and design.  There is no right or wrong way as your museum should be a reflection of you. 

    The second step is to pick a space to display your dragons.  The two museums I visited today were as I mentioned earlier very different in many ways.  One was a more traditional museum where the collector had a building with pictures on the walls of the dragons he made and placed the dragon eggs in the picture prims.  He did this to save on prims.  Pretty smart!  The other was set out in the open with a path that you walked by each of his displays of live dragons.  Stunning!  So maybe you have a sim where you can display your dragons or maybe you are limited by the amount of prims you can use either way your museum can be amazing.  

    Need a little inspiration?  Check out these pictures of the museums I went to visit.  Better yet I have included the land marks with each picture so you can go check them out for yourselves!  Have a great night at the museum!  




    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/El Arona/20/33/22

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