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    A Mystical Story about Tia'Malcara!

    Hello Mystical family! Today I was doing some work at the main Dragon store, I found an old leather bound book someone had left behind! I read the story about Tia'Malcara  that i had to share:

    In the heart of the sprawling Mystical Peaks, where the mountains reached for the sky and the valleys whispered ancient secrets, dwelled Tia'Malcara, a dragon of great wisdom and kindness. She was known far and wide for her majestic presence and her nurturing spirit, especially towards the young dragons under her care.

    One sunny morning, as the mist still clung to the peaks like a cloak, Tia'Malcara decided to embark on a special project. 

    With a glint of excitement in her golden eyes, the wise dragon set out on a quest through the mystical forests and shadowed caves.

    Her first stop was the Ruby Caverns, a labyrinthine network of tunnels adorned with glowing crystals of deepest crimson. Here, Tia'Malcara carefully selected the most exquisite ruby dragons, each one imbued with the essence of magic.

    Next, she ventured into the Whispering Woods, where the ancient trees whispered secrets of ages past. Among the fragrant blooms of the forest floor, Tia'Malcara found delicate roses with petals as soft as silk and hues as vibrant as the dawn.

    With her treasures gathered, Tia'Malcara returned to her lair, where she set to work weaving her surprise. With gentle claws and a heart filled with love, she arranged the ruby dragons in a circle, their brilliant facets gleaming in the dim light of the cave. Around them, she painted intricate rose markings, each one a symbol of beauty and strength. 

    The next page was ripped from the book! What could all this mean? Ruby skins? Mutation Rose Aurora? Should i put these together? What did Tia'Malcara make? Do you know??

    Make today a Mystical one!

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