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    2024 Legendary Edition - Vitriol

    Hello Mystical family! Its a great day here at Mystical creatures and we wanted to make your day better! How can we do that? How about with a brand new Legendary Edition! 

    The entire team was super excited about the LE Designer contest and you guys didn't disappoint with some amazing entries! 
    We all voted and the winner was announced to be Fire Vitriol by AKITO!

    Mystical designers got to work on this dragon and today we are excited to release and share with you!

    Take a look at the 2024 Legendary Edition - Vitriol!!


    This 2024 Legendary Edition - Vitriol will be available until Jan 31st!

    Remember that the skin on the 2024 Legendary Edition - Vitriol DOES NOT have the ability to pass however there are some surprises!  The eye on the 2024 Legendary Edition - Vitriol DOES have the ability to pass!

    Something else that I want to remind everyone of is that all LEs have the ability to pass you all the goodies that are also hiding in the new starter dragons that have been available since the update!

    WE hope you enjoy these and Make today Mystical!!!

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