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    2023 Legendary Edition - Autumn's Embrace!

    Hello Mystical Family! Hope everyone is doing well today! This is the season to remember all the things we are thankful for and Mystical Creatures is very thankful for your continued support! 

    I am very excited to announce the release of 2023 Legendary Edition - Autumn's Embrace!


    Starting today Nov 22, 2023 until December 6, 2023 you can pick these up at any Mystical Creatures location! 

    These dragons have some Autumn surprises hiding in them! These Dragons DO NOT have the ability to pass their Skin, however the Autumn's Embrace Eye DO have the ability to pass!

    What a great way to say goodbye to Autumn than with a 2023 Legendary Edition - Autumn's Embrace! Go get yours today!

    Make today Mystical! 

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