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    2022 Legendary Edition Wailing Wraith & Shrieking Phantom!

    Hello Mystical Family!! Today  I went to go visit the Main Store and I spoke with Tia'Malcara. 

    I approached with caution as I climbed the jagged rocks to where the great Tia'Malcara lay.  She was peacefully sleeping as I approached, as I lay my cold hands on her scaly skin she awoke.

    "Hello Tia" I said softly "I  thought I would come check on you and see how you are doing!"

    She slowed raised her head and stretched out her wings her eyes were weary "Hello traveler, these whirling winds on this cold October send chills down my spine."

    "Yes it is getting cooler, winter is coming!" I smiled looking at the frost on her horns. "I love Halloween and this time of the year!"

    "Yes, but please be careful, I was wandering the night skies last night" she looked at the ground "I must warn you of what I heard a horrible Shrieking and a Wailing sound, it reminded me of a Legendary Dragon I once knew." 

    My mid started to wonder what she was talking about. 

    "I searched for the sound but was unable to hear where it was coming from" she shook her head "Please be careful out there!"

    I bid Tia farewell and began my journey back home, what could she be talking about? 

    As I was almost all the way down the mountain I came across these amazing dragons!


    Take a look at these amazing Legendary Editions!


    2022 Legendary Edition - Wailing Wraith & 2022 Legendary Edition - Shrieking Phantom

    Starting today 10/18/2022 until 11/01/2022 you can pick up these at any Mystical Creatures Location!! You do NOT have to breed these Dragons together to get a spooky surprise! The 2022 Legendary Edition - Wailing Wraith & 2022 Legendary Edition - Shrieking Phantom DO NOT have the ability to pass their skin, however they do have the chance to pass their eyes!

    Please be aware with these Legendary Editions you will need to replace your nexus crystal with a new Mystical Nexus Crystal V1.1 BN it looks like this!!!


    It is included in the box when your purchase a new 2022 Legendary Edition Wailing Wraith or Shrieking Phantom!!

    Just delete your old nexus crystal and rez out the new one from the box and thats it!

    Make it a Mystical Day! 









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