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    2022 Legendary Edition Regal Fang!

    Hello my Mystical family!!  Its MONDAY! Mondays kinda suck don't they ? Well what could make a Monday better?

    I know! A brand new Legendary Edition!

    Take a look at the brand new 2022 Legendary Edition Regal Fang! 

    Skin: 2022 Legendary Edition - Regal Fang
    Element: Water
    Eye: Regal Fang
    Claws: Regal Fang
    Horn: Fins
    Horn Pigment: Regal Fang
    Ornament: Fins
    Ornament Pigment: Regal Fang

    Starting today August 8th until August 22, 2022 you can pick these up at any Mystical Location with a new lower price! 

    As an added twist any breeding of these Legendary Editions have a chance to pass their Eye, Claws, Horn Pigment, and Ornament Pigment! Wait there is more! There is also a hidden surprise that you could get! 

    I hope that you guys enjoy these as much as we do!
    Make it a Mystical Day!

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