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    2022 Legendary Edition Elegant  Zephyr!

    Hello Mystical Family! Its a wonderful Good Friday here! We wanted to give the Mystical Community a little something to make it even better! What could that be? Well I know! 

    How about a beautiful 2022 Legendary Edition - Elegant  Zephyr?
    I think this dragons is perfect for this spring season! Take a look!

    You can pick up a random gender at any Mystical Location! This is the first time that Mystical Creatures has sold a single random nest! Sooooooo go down and get yours today!


    The 2022 Legendary Edition - Elegant  Zephyr will be for sale from April 15, 2022 until April 29, 2022! The 2022 Legendary Edition - Elegant  Zephyr has the ability to pass you its beautiful eye and some never seen before Magical Mystical Surprises!  

    With this 2022 Legendary Edition - Elegant  Zephyr you will find in the box a new Nexus that is just a bright and beautiful as this dragon. PLEASE REPLACE YOUR CURRENT NEXUS with this updated Nexus!

    Even if you do not purchase a 2022 Legendary Edition - Elegant  Zephyr you will need to go to any Mystical Creatures store and pick up an updated Nexus! If you do not replace your nexus your babies could have issues in the future!!

    We hope that you will have a great Easter Holiday and enjoy these beautiful babies! 

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