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    2022 Ascension Dragon Zenith Prism!!!

    Hello Mystical Family! How is everyone today? Well Mondays are usually a drag right? But lets change that Monday Drag to Monday Dragons! See what I did there!? 

    Something to make your day a little bit better? I got you! Many of you guys have been asking me what are AP points for?

    Well AP stand for Ascension Points! Where do you find out how many AP  you have? thats on your hud. Add your HUD and go to DIG/Craft and you will see the AP you have. Mine looks like this:


    Now up to this point you used AP to craft your Blueprints, but we know you guys wanted more! So here it is, starting today we are releasing our first 2022 Ascension Dragon!!!

    Take a look at this 2022 Ascension Dragon Zenith Prism! It was designed to resemble Tia'Malcara from the main store!!


    How do you get one? Well the you have to visit the The Ascension Stone that will be at all Mystical Creatures Locations!  All you have to do is click the Ascension Stone it will deliver your item, or tell you that you dont have enough points! 

    2022 Ascension Dragon Zenith Prism will cost you 50,000 AP and will be random gender so you could get a dragoness or a drake!

    Please remember if you are buying dragons or eggs to send to Ascension that you rerezz them before you send them.

    The Zenith Prism is hiding some goodies for you guys sooooo be sure to breed it and find out! Make today Mystical Everyone!!!! 

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