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    2.0 Update Announcement!!

    Hello Mystical Family! How is everyone enjoying their day! Its a FRIYAY kinda feeling around here!

    I have some very big news to share with everyone! First let me say this we appreciate your patience and understanding as we have taken this huge undertaking, of this 2.0 update!

    We really wanted to give you the 2.0 update in 2023! Sadly with everything going on and the fact we didn't want to rush we aren't going to make it.............. BUT!

    I have been authorized to let you know that on Jan 2nd we will be releasing 2.0!

    Thats right we are giving you the weekend to prepare! All 2.0 update information will be made available on Tuesday! 

    We are soooo very excited to give this to you guys as we feel its  been a long time coming and now is the time! 

    So get ready its almost here! 


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