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    MC Designing Divine Dragons Contest!

    Hello Mystical Family!! Here is the day we have all been working toward!

    It's time to showcase your design skills in MC Designing Divine Dragons Contest!
    Calling all dragon lovers! We are excited to announce the launch of the MC Designing Divine Dragons Contest! This is your chance to get creative and share your unique dragon designs with the Mystical Community! 

    Keep in mind that the winning designs will be chosen based on creativity, this is not a popularity contest that is why the panel of judges will remain anonymous and are not current or previous breeders of Mystical Creatures Dragons! 

    The winner of this contest will get a super Mystical Prize to be announced! Not only that, but the winning design will also be showcased on the MC website and social media channels for all to see and appreciate! 

    Are you ready to submit your entry? Here is how!

    Please send a note card to Avalon Crystal!
    This note card should include:
    Picture of your Dragon
    Parents stats

    Remember each entry must have 5 Non Starter traits the egg must have dropped prior to May 1st! I will collect entries until next Monday on May 8th! 

    Once your entry is accepted I will contact you with further instruction! Good Luck everyone!!!
    I can not wait to see all the AMAZING entries!!
    Make today Mystical! 

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