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    Big Birthday News!!!

    We are so excited to celebrate our first year of the Mystical Dragons! We have several events planned for this week to help us and you, our breeders, celebrate our 1st birthday!

    September 12th - 15th
    Let's Bake a Cake!
    Head on over to any of the official market stores or the main store to collect all the ingredients needed to bake a 1st birthday cake. Once you have all the items needed, its time to bake the cake! The ovens are on the main store sim. Collect the ingredients and bake 5 cakes to receive a special birthday dragon! One birthday dragon per person, and the ingredients are no transfer. This event is for active dragon breeders only. (More details will be given when the event starts)


    Then on September 15th Let's Party!

    11am - 1pm slt **Dj Ava playing some booty shaking music!
                           **MysticalDragon will be giving away lots of prizes, people will be chosen randomly                             from those who attend, are in the group and on the website.
                           **Final day to get those cakes baked to get your very own special birthday dragon!  

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