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  1. Day 2: Hatchlings no more! 

     I have scarcely been able to stay away from my babies, often checking on them multiple times a day. How I adore their little clawed feet padding the earth as they walk,  play, and explore...the joyful and spirited sounds they make as they speak to one another...perhaps, I think - with enough time and dedication, I may be able to learn their secret language. That is my hope, anyway. 

    I smiled as I made my way up to the sanctuary this evening, replaying fresh memories which had already been lovingly tattooed on my heart. I wondered what mischief I may witness, and also secretly hoped I could convince Blaize to accept me, since he seems at this time to be the most cautious of the four. 


    My pace slowed as I ventured closer to the sanctuary entrance, ears perked curiously and with caution. While the sound pattern resembled that of my precious hatchlings, they came a bit slower and heavier. Could there be another, larger creature which somehow made its way here? A predator, perhaps? Poachers? My pace quickly resumed, worrying for their safety.

    Another few steps...

    A low, almost chilling growl resonated up and through the breeze, causing my skin to prickle and throat to clench slightly. The thudding continued. 

    Convinced that some ominous presence now occupied the space where I had left the dragons, I charged to the entrance, determined to somehow drive it away and protect them, even though part of me felt terrified to face whatever beast I may find at the top of the Island. 

    You can only imagine my reaction when I was instead faced with not one ominous beast, but FOUR! Only they weren't predators there to harm my babies...they WERE the babies! IMy hatchlings had encountered what I could only guess to be a rapid growth spurt in the some hours I had been away!

    The dragons had grown to the size of a large dog...Great Dane, perhaps, or even that of a Shetland pony. Fascinating,... and yet as I stood among them, the mood was...different, for I was no longer in the presence of helpless babies, but juveniles, who had starting coming into their own - and who could likely turn me into dinner if they were so-inclined.

    I realize quickly that I have to tread with care and respect now, offering more than food and mere adoration.  As I stand watching them this evening, the gravity of responsibility surrounds me like a thick fog and yet I could not imagine being anywhere else. ♥ 

    How blessed I feel to have been invited into their world. 




    1. Revan Salamander

      Revan Salamander

      Another enjoyable read, I look forward to the next installment

  2. Day 1: Dragons!!! ♥ 

    I am thrilled to experience the first ever animesh breedables in SL! Before I continue, may I just say HOW ADORABLE and absolutely beautiful they are, my goodness! I am in love already and only wish I had known about them sooner - I would have loved to beta test! Anyway...!


    After having read about my new babies, their lore, and their needs, I decided  a special place was in order for them, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life on the sim.  A floating island, rising from the waters below...lush with vegetation, peaceful, and only accessible by magick (flight or TP)! Appropriately, I have called this place  my 'Dragon Sanctuary,' and I hope it will be home to many breeds and offspring, as time goes by. 

    The hatchlings seem to be adjusting well so far. I decided to camp-out with them on the island the first night...to bond and also ease any distress they may have had. It must be terribly disorienting to enter the world without sight of their mother who laid them and cared for them until they reached me. They seemed fairly comfortable in my presence - except for the drake, whom I have affectionately named Blaize, due to his vibrant coloring and strong personality. Clearly, he is the King of his domain...or he will be, once those bits of eggshell fall away and he learns to walk properly. (smiles) Though he keeps his distance, I have faith I may win him over in due time...and possibly with many treat bribes! 😛 

    The other hatchlings are just as enchanting, each with their own personality. Tyr, who's coloring seems to indicate her affinity with the frost-covered realms, behaves with shyness in comparison to her kin.  The others -   Thistle and Lumira, spend time playing together and practicing their breathing. They will become strong and independent, I feel. 

    I watch them in silence, captivated by their beauty, my heart feeling warm, as though I am responding to a calling long-since bestowed upon me.  Being an elf, I have lived many lifetimes. Our kind, throughout the ages, have protected creatures such as these... .  Now it is my sworn duty, as well, and I could not feel more honored. 




    1. Josaphine Cooperstone

      Josaphine Cooperstone

      Absolutely love it!!!

      Welcome to our Mystical World!

    2. Revan Salamander

      Revan Salamander

      Love this, feel like this has set it up for a continuing journal and personally I look forward to more chapters!