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  1. These 2021 Legendary Edition Halloween Briarthorns are amazing, couldnt ask for a more stunning first collector/limited edition!

  2. I just have to say I had ran into a couple of problems and filed a ticket and they have been dealt with so swiftly... the customer service has been awesome!

  3. Tonight me & @Nika Salamanderwill be doing our first auction at Huntress Inc for Mystical Creatures, 6pm tonight, if you like a slighty off the wall auction with a couple of ever so slightly random nutty auctioneers then we would love to see you there, it will be fun!

    6pm [DRAGON & CRAFTING]***OFFICIAL MARKETPLACE – 6PM Classic (Panel) Auction @ Huntress Inc –***

  4. So when I originally hatched my Dragons I was drawn to the Air, that was certainly my favorite, but as they are growing I feel my bias switching to the Water. Anyone else have one they are drawn towards? or feeling their favorites changing?

    1. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      I cant decide which i like the best! 

    2. Revan Salamander

      Revan Salamander

      They are all really great so I completely understand that. perhaps the reason for my ever changing mind on the subject

  5. Excited to be Auctioning these amazing Mystical Creatures @ Huntress Inc. alongside my babygirl & wife @Nika Salamander:

     6pm [DRAGON & CRAFTING]***OFFICIAL MARKETPLACE – 6PM Classic (Panel) Auction @ Huntress Inc –***

  6. I want to shout "Gimme ma dragons!" but sees everyone else is doing it for me, so I sit quietly waiting to pounce

  7. Release date, awesome, cannot wait.... now time to free up some prims lol

  8. After going to the 2nd Q&A a few days ago and now Josaphine posting what she did today along with the video of that session... I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat

  9. Is eagerly awaiting the next Q & A or information update... this is edge of the seat stuff

  10. Seeing everyone's pictures of Beta is awesome, its great to see them but I am a itty bit jealous that I can't get my hands on them myself. Happy New Year all, 2021 is going to the year of the Dragon for sure!

  11. Anyone else watched the Meet the Mystical Dragons, their Absorbables, Edibles & Products video on YouTube yet? Really everything is looking amazing and love the way that all this info is being put out there!

  12. Is anyone else feeling even more pumped after the Q & A the other day? They looked AMAZING... I am even excited just for the next Q & A, nevermind the Dragons themselves. 

    1. Azure yiyuan

      Azure yiyuan

      Heck Yeah, I just wish I had managed to get into the Beta Test as well!! chompin at the bit for their release!

  13. Will definitely be attending, can't wait
  14. Is beta all filled up for this. I have just found out that beta is coming and I cannot wait for these