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  1. Can we have them Dragon thingies now please?
  2. Guys if you haven't been accepted yet into beta it is because they are still going through applications, so do not worry. If your request is still pending it means they haven't processed your application yet. ❤️ 

    1. vale rinq

      vale rinq


      I hope so ..... my fingers are sore ... lol 😜

    2. hikariamaya


      I hope so too! Ive a few that are hoping to get in. Fin got in so far but Candy hasnt yet. D; So Fin and I keep watching the list hoping more people get added today 😄 

  3. I'm ready for Dragons...

    dragons GIF by How To Train Your Dragon

    1. hikariamaya


      I built my dragon area this morning hoping Id get picked! I am so excited!! Both my husband and I got in!


  4. I can't wait for dragons! \o/