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  1. Hope all is well... 0.7 ..So excited 🙂



  2. I am officially in love.. go over to get the new round of beta and...bam...

    Officially In Love!.png

  3. Glad to hear your feeling better 🙂 

  4. Goodbye, my odd little friend. First you didn't want to grow up... then after update.. you did but … yeah.. lol .. my glitchy one 🙂

    Glitch the Dragon.png

    1. Lucy Dreamer

      Lucy Dreamer

      Thats a cutie!


  5. Night from The boy n I 😛

    me n the boy.png

  6. so many pretty draggins >.>


  7. Well, the horde continues to increase - 3 eggs and one in the incubator.. Oh my move test from arid to ferocious = pet to breedable food - was successful in its transition - no bug there - I moved the drake just after turning 7 - he turned 9 and is beginning to increase in zeal with no 'help' from absorbables *ponders* However, I'm going to assume it should have taken longer than 2-3 days ...


  8. Da dwaggins are here.. And the quest begins 🙂