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  1. OMG!!! ❤️❤️


    Cartwheels Crazy_July 2020_002.png

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    2. Sat bade

      Sat bade

      Oh, there it is. 

      I was wondering where i lost her.

    3. Bridgette Dalgleish
    4. Inkeri


      Hoping it's a sneak peak at the future. I know I'd spend fortunes and souls for a breeding pair like that!

  2. Let the dragons begin!!!

    3 successful babies!!! ❤️

    Just call me the mother of dragons lmao!! 🙂

    BTW - The adult dragons dwarf me lolz

    1. wulfking


      then  my 4 make  me the dragon king  right lol 

    2. Sameth


      and 5 make me the Dragon GOD ?


    3. Adalita Voom

      Adalita Voom

      HAHAHAHHAH WELLLLL.....ok so they are multiplying fast lmao - what was a modest 3 has turned into many more!!!! 

  3. Anyone else fell like they're going through a full-term rl pregnancy? lmao!! 

    PS. I can only imagine how it feels never being preggo myself lol






  5. Has anyone else visited the mystical sim yet?? 

    There are dragon eggs hatching 0.0 - just hit the tp board outside the Amaretto Store - YESSS there is a dragon section now!!!

    We are getting closer peeps!!! *squeals* ❤️


  6. Are we there yet!!??? LOL ❤️


    dude where are my dragons? - daenerys targaryen says | Meme Generator

  7. giphy.gif



    1. hikariamaya


      This is going to be awesome!

  8. Wooohooo congrats B! ❤️


  9. YAYAYAYYAYAY!!! ❤️ Dragonsssss here we come!!!!

    1. virelai Zenovka

      virelai Zenovka


      Smaug-occhio-del-drago (1).jpg