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  1. 1909821117_dragonsstone1.png.abf62090d3889f939998f3a1750bd659.png

    Guess I need to open a ticket for more food....

    1. Sameth


      ..or just switch them to arid crystals 🙂


  2. Fly my pretties!! Fly!!



  3. 987218860_SamtehRidesaDragon1.png.ec51f37777603cb76bce28a27d7ab83a.png

    This is so cool!!

  4. Thank-you for the great Q&A Very informative, very helpful...and VERY nice work by the team.


  5. Ready to fly into 2021 on the back of a dragon in full flame scorching 2020 as it goes.. 

    Breeders XChristmas card2.png

  6. Yay! progress!  A meeting before Christmas--that is a good thing 🙂


  7. Don't know who did this, it was uploaded somewhere by someone name Rockhounds, but it made me laugh..

    Baby Dragon's Breakfast - fantasy, tabasco, food, breakfast, dragon, baby

    1. Rhianna


      that's gorgeous 🙂


    This Sandara at Deviant art does some beautiful work..


    Autumn Leaves

  9. Waiting for my dragon babies (art: Luis Royo): 

    Fantastic Art | Luis royo, Fantastic art, Fantasy paintings

  10. Wondering about colors of the dragons...The Faerie Suzanne - Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell

    1. Sameth


      Art credit: Julie Bell

  11. Dragon eggs!!2020-10-16_22h14_39.png.c1453d89d9ee428eab7aa20df7195902.png

  12. Getting exciting..


  13. I so love Boris and Julie's art work..

    Pin de Matthew Hadlock em Drachen | Dragões, Espada e feitiçaria, Feitiços