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  1. Hollidays: 

    Its not a good idea to use dragon eggs for eastern egg search parties. 
    If u throw dragon eggs on a house with Halloween, the egg wins.



  2. Statistics show that it takes an average person six days to eat a dragon omelet. 


  3. Come, lets do the beta test, they said.

    It will be fun, they said. 




  4. So my mini dragons were playing. 





    And now i owe my neighbour a truth hair. 

  5. Ready for the future. 

    (And calmed my horses) 



  6. Morning routine

    Shower, turn on Pc. 

    Log SL, get coffee. 

    Sip Coffee, peek dragons. 

    Smile. Good dragons 🙂

    1. Josaphine Cooperstone

      Josaphine Cooperstone

      Sips coffee and watches everyone watch their dragons 🙂

    2. Sat bade

      Sat bade

      Oh ur the great eye that oversees all of us 🙂 

  7. So took my dragon out for a test flight yesterday , wow that was an awesome experience.

    I did notice the animation when u hang still is off, ur avatar dissapears in the dragon.

    Offcourse i turned my AO off.

    But! what a thrill !

  8. Sofar its mostly the movement that blows me out of the water. 

    What an impressive job on textures and movemnent. This is going to deffo change my sl experience 🙂


    1. Trelk Moonwall

      Trelk Moonwall

      I agree. Absolutely love their sleeping animations 😄

  9. Hoping to be at the Q&A, Never know with my head issues...  

    First and foremost, i want to wish all groupmembers and staff a merry christmas, and a safe and HEALTHY 2021. 


    In case i don't see u 🙂

  10. Hi Everyone 🙂

    Yay, new adventures !