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  1. Josaphine Cooperstone


    You can dig anywhere with you dragons. You can find the digging/Crafting information here:
  2. The breeding is in the handlers guide as I stated above
  3. All this information and more can be answered via the wiki manual:
  4. Arid crystals are at all Mystical locations, next to the well springs
  5. The Drakes need genos to breed with the Dragoness, they can hold up to 3 at a time, they build the same as the ardor on the dragoness, that info is included in the handlers manual
  6. Im sorry you feel that way but there are only so many positions for beta and we are thankful for all the work they did hence the small gift
  7. Dragons can dig at age 5, for more info on digging stay tuned to the dragon wiki, all will be added there soon!
  8. The recommended breeding ration is 1 male (Drake) to 3 females (Dragoness)
  9. If you didn't get to come to the Q & A you will want to watch this video for all the exciting info
  10. We will be having our final Q & A session next Wednesday at 11 am slt, this will be to announce all kinds of questions never before answered so you dont want to miss it!! It will be held at the Mystical sim landmark below, see you there!! Mystical Creatures/58/162/40
  11. We do not have a release date yet, but we are VERY close, just keep an eye on the group and website it will be posted there
  12. So...anyone enjoying these sneak peeks??


    sneek peek 4.png

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      Looks good 

    3. Lucy Dreamer

      Lucy Dreamer

      Awww the Gems ❤️

    4. Draelle Chandler

      Draelle Chandler

      I have a green Dress thats gonna look GREAT with those!❤️

  13. What? Another sneak peek you say? Ah ok   🙂

    1. MaggieMae Puddles

      MaggieMae Puddles

      AH OK What is it? 

    2. MaggieMae Puddles

      MaggieMae Puddles

      is it the new nexus crystal?


    3. CruX Huntress

      CruX Huntress

      looks like it would make a great recovery portal for your dragons, just saying.🕳️