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  1. yay :))) we are ready


  2. We are too! We do not have a release date yet, we will send out notices and blogs when we do, keep an eye out
  3. Remember beta testers, please post all issues in a support ticket, not in forums, Q & A, or to your profile, thanks

  4. ATTN: Beta Testers, PLEASE do not post things in profile activity, Q & A or forums, PLEASE file a support ticket with anything beta related, thank you

  5. That can be seen in world with the beta dragons
  6. We are not releasing this information yet, watch notices
  7. Please see the Dragon Handlers Guide for this and other important information: **The dragons can breed until the age of 100, at which time they will become Ancients.
  8. Hey Guys! Here is the recording of our Q&A event on the dragons. We hope this answers many of your questions about these new dragons!
  9. How freaking cute are these two sleeping next to each other!!


    Dragons sleeping.jpg

  10. Come one come all and find out more info on these awesome animesh dragon breedables! 1pm slt econdlife/The Mystical Creatures/55/155/40
  11. Josaphine Cooperstone


    Yes beta has been selected since back in October
  12. Happy Thanksgiving!!



    1. SnookieAnne Heartsong

      SnookieAnne Heartsong

      Happy Thanksgiving Josie!

  13. thank you  for take me into beta - im soooo excted now 🙂



    1. Marylin Southpaw

      Marylin Southpaw

      thank you all - hope  all well be on run soon - wait is sooo hard



    2. pandoras optera

      pandoras optera

      thank you  for take me into beta smiles