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  1. Hello there all!

    I hope you have great Holidays! Recently i came up with this idea to make a post to pass the time while we are waiting for the Dragons ❤️ Since i always loved to play games with dragons i decided to ask you a question?! What is your favorite dragons in the games you been playing. It can be any single player Rpg or Mmorps. I cannot wait to see what games you guys play outside of secondlife and what are your favorite charecters in it 🙂 I will post down below my answer. Have fun and Be safe everybody! Hugs Lucy Dreamer!


    1. Revan Salamander

      Revan Salamander

      Tiamat was my favorite Dragon from when I was younger from watching the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. I did play a little D & D when I was younger and then related games like Baldurs Gate and then Neverwind. So for me Tiamat has been around since I was just a young kid in one form or another, so defintely my favorite.

    2. Lucy Dreamer

      Lucy Dreamer

      That is awesome i havent played much Dnd but i was planing to.I have been trying some other book tabletop games very long time ago. But i did play Baldurs gate omg its been ages xD I mostly play mmorps like Lineage2  and Wow but i did play some single players. In Lineage2 my favorites are Lindivor and Antharas. In Wow i think my favorites are Onyxia,Ysera and Alextrasa. I will have to think about those other older games i used to play...

  2. Having a glas of wine and waiting for the Dragons! 😍

    Art Credits to Aloija❤️