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  1. So I learn yesterday how to properly breed thanks to the staff that took the time to really explain what I was doing wrong and how to breed better. I'm so excited and thankful for that time and help thank you again so much for helping me.

    1. Zain Bravo

      Zain Bravo

      What did you learn?  I'd like to learn something new as well! 🙂

  2. 685aa7ef15f80d8a1e84dd1c590147c5.thumb.jpg.4d24fdd4adeff3f6d85751515d99ca39.jpgmy three drakes that stop breeding I was told to take them off a crystal put them back on a new crystal then told not to use crystal week three and they all have genos and still no zeal. I'm more then positive that their scripts have been cruppted. but thee out of my seven drakes are stuck. Their no way of getting a redelievery. I have seen others on my new feed on facebook posting having drakes stuck there seems to be no solutions to this. Unless they able to be swap out with the company for a new one it looks like im going lose out the use of breeding from these three dragons. This def put some thing in perspective for me. I dont think im purchase any more till thier is a better solution for when this happens. In all my experience with other breedables i have try in secondlife when the script is cruppted they replace it right away and auto delete the cruppted version. I have been waiting for a solution for about week now and my tickets are being answer but im not being offered a new version for the three dragons that not working. I hope there can be a solution for this so i can cont to enjoy the dragons. I really dont want to have a negative experience with the dragons. so if anyone one i know people have skip over these post but if anyone else had this issue and had a solution please help me. thank you in advance.

  3. Hi is there anyone in the community that can help me. I have three dragons who have 3 genos for over two weeks going on three and the females are at 100% they are not breeding. I have bought charms and they not working on the drakes. The the only males that not breeding out of my other males. They have breeded before with no problem. I dont want to keep spending on charms if thats not what I'm suppose to do to get them to breed. They have food I doing everything that wiki page says to breed but these three stop breeding. I have rez and rerezzed them out. I put in a ticket but it was closed. I avail in world if someone could im me i can tp over and help me please. 



      Still having trouble with the dragons is there a redeliever because im very positive that there is a script error in 3 of my drakes all my other drakes are fine. at one point one of my drakes was age 27 for whole week. its one of the drakes that not breeding. do the company have where you can exchange and get a new version redelieved like other breedables animals on secondlife?

    2. Avalon Crystal

      Avalon Crystal

      You should not have to by any charms to get them to breed, you can get all your support needs at  I think i have seen you file tickets before? 



      yes i have a week old ticket with you guys about the same three dragons. the script is corrupted none of your suggestions has work. Usually when a breedable script is corrupted other companies will send you a new copy and auto delete corrupted version. I'm new to your guys breedables. So I been following everything you saying but its three weeks now same dragons still not gaining and zeal 3 drakes out of seven drakes who's scripts are working fine. So It cant be something im doing wrong its is a script error. 

  4. I hope someone can help me please its been two weeks and i have two drakes that stuck with this status of 3 geno mood 100 percent I bought the charm and the zeal still stays at zero they just stop breeding they are 25 days old i have re rezzed out many time they the only drakes that stuck like this what can I do. I missing out on 5 generation eggs because I cant get my 4th gen drake to breed with my 4th gen648920d5cec888bb811c9f51302e0c13.thumb.jpg.e7d1a93379ddcb7399f717f3cba8685e.jpg dragoness,

  5. I just want to say I'm having a great experience the user are friendly and the staff is wonderful and patient in helping. I really love mystical creatures and cant stop telling all my family and friends everyone i know now getting some dragons. 

  6. 53f2eabbb159f4972da853a648ed1516.thumb.jpg.58d0c797f63ae0c228120d5eadd812b7.jpgSo all the baby dragons a full grown and I just notice that my earth dragon that has the starter skin and pulled a non starter trait the stone finds on the dragon that kind of a burnt orange color is Earth Orvintal stone. My first non starter trait on one of my dragons so far. totally cool.

  7. 3427771629aec68e234a50db0e77d9e9.thumb.jpg.6ef14735885f784c4da2f6343604cf7e.jpgyay finally after seven baby girls finally got one drake totally cool 🙂


    Colbeala 3Gen both parents where water dragons father being 4th gen dragon and mother 2nd gen with earth claws traits passed on to the baby. Baby born with fire horn traits which did not come from parents.
    Gifpreisa 3Gen born of 2nd gen dragons father pure fire dragon mother water dragon with fire horns baby was born with horns air eyes water claws water traits on a fire dragon skin.


  9. Kayda 3Gen air dragon parents where both water dragons how cool is that and she came with only water horns element from the parents and claws of earth element. The other baby dragon in the picture both parents where air and the dad had earth elements which passed in the eyes on this baby only.fa73360be5238c5cb4a403411babdfd9.thumb.jpg.04c3b731c6647fec38f73b6dac52dff5.jpg

  10. d8d09884d1e624646755cce3e2ab0a09.thumb.jpg.e0ce12dcbd9e6c1cb3e538e1fce50bd4.jpgtwo fire babies and one earth with a few traits from others but not many 4th generation. hopping to get a new skin soon from one of the hatches that would be nice. or something different them just the starter skins.

  11. 9a6d58dea2e36db1d422714c944643e4.thumb.jpg.cc01407512d297102364281b55e02ff2.jpgso excited my first egg yay I have no idea if its going look cook what this baby going look like but yay yay yay I'm just excited. Breeding is fun.

  12. I was wondering on people get the mystical feeders I seen them at the markets at the sim where you get your breeders kits and items for your dragons. Are these craftable items?

    1. Josaphine Cooperstone

      Josaphine Cooperstone

      The feeders are not sold by Mystical Creatures, you can find them on market place or at other markets



      so does that mean they are crafted with the things the dragons dig?

  13. So I am new to the dragons and I hoping I have a good breeding experience with theses. I never had luck with breeding before in second life. I'm going give this a try. I never really understood the concept of breeding or how people breed out traits in breedable pets in second life but here I am going try to give this a shot see what happens.

  14. My two first dragons sleeping.