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  1. How freaking cute are these two sleeping next to each other!!
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  2. So...anyone enjoying these sneak peeks??
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  3. What? Another sneak peek you say? Ah ok a0844e41533516a23431b65fff7c8ff7.mp4
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  4. How about a sneaky peek?
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  5. Donkey's lonely waiting for anew dragon gf...
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  8. ATTN: Beta Testers, PLEASE do not post things in profile activity, Q & A or forums, PLEASE file a support ticket with anything beta related, thank you
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  10. Has anyone else visited the mystical sim yet?? There are dragon eggs hatching 0.0 - just hit the tp board outside the Amaretto Store - YESSS there is a dragon section now!!! We are getting closer peeps!!! *squeals*
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  13. Dragons Rule, this is gonna be amazing. Watch out Second Life, the dragons are coming
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  19. Waits patiently for her new babys, but so excited and ready for them Photo by artkingman.deviantart.com
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  24. Having a glas of wine and waiting for the Dragons! Art Credits to Aloija
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  25. I hope everyone is having an awesome Tuesday!
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  29. Come, lets do the beta test, they said. It will be fun, they said.
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  32. I haven't been this hyped for something in a long time. Shadowlands for WoW just released and I can say with confidence I am more looking forward to these then I was the release of that expansion. That's saying something.... I feel it getting closer and closer day by day...
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  33. "An adventure isn't worth telling if there aren't any dragons in it."
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  34. Can't wait now....getting excited for the dragons to come knocking on my door
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  35. Don't know who did this, it was uploaded somewhere by someone name Rockhounds, but it made me laugh..
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  36. i can not wait to make this wonderful adventure with every1
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  37. I am sooo excited that i was chosen to be part of the beta testing community. I cannot wait till we get our dragons to get this started. I just want to say congratulations and welcome to everyone that has made it, and thank you for letting me be apart of this grand new adventure.
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