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  1. my three drakes that stop breeding I was told to take them off a crystal put them back on a new crystal then told not to use crystal week three and they all have genos and still no zeal. I'm more then positive that their scripts have been cruppted. but thee out of my seven drakes are stuck. Their no way of getting a redelievery. I have seen others on my new feed on facebook posting having drakes stuck there seems to be no solutions to this. Unless they able to be swap out with the company for a new one it looks like im going lose out the use of breeding from these three dragons. This def put some thing in perspective for me. I dont think im purchase any more till thier is a better solution for when this happens. In all my experience with other breedables i have try in secondlife when the script is cruppted they replace it right away and auto delete the cruppted version. I have been waiting for a solution for about week now and my tickets are being answer but im not being offered a new version for the three dragons that not working. I hope there can be a solution for this so i can cont to enjoy the dragons. I really dont want to have a negative experience with the dragons. so if anyone one i know people have skip over these post but if anyone else had this issue and had a solution please help me. thank you in advance.
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  3. You don't set your dragons on breeding or not breeding, it's all about the food you give them. If you don't want them to breed, you have to feed them arid crystals, if you want them to breed you need to feed them feracious crystals. If you feed them petfood (arid crystals) and want them to breed again, it takes several days for them to gain ardor and zeal again, not sure about the time though.
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  4. It would be nice to have a recovery portal for the dragons , time saving for the csr staff and the breeder.
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