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Do you have a Monster Dragon?  A dragon that goes bump in the night?  Then this is the contest for you! 


Your dragon must be submitted by October 21st.  It must have a Halloween theme. You must name your dragon.  It can not be a dragon that has been posted as a trendsetting dragon.  It can not be a "special" dragon such as a Limited Edition.  You can have any traits that are starter or non starter.  This contest is judged by a panel of people that do not breed dragons.  Anyone can enter.  All submissions are subjective to the discretion of the MMOC Officers.  You will be allowed 50 additional prims to decorate your panel.  

To Enter:  

Simply reply to this topic with your inworld name and the name of your dragon.  

Set up will be on October 21st.  If for some reason you need to set up before that date just let me know 🙂 If you have not set up your Dragon by October 21st then your spot will be taken away.  Each spot will have your name and Dragon name displayed. Mystical Creatures/205/57/1002

Best of luck!

Maggie Mae 

*if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me inworld.  


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  • ~Mystical Officer~

Ty all for submitting your entries! Here is our line up! You must be set up by October 21, 2023!! 

1 kasbury596/pilar - dragon name transformer bumble bee
2 vibrat0 resident - Shadow Nightmare ty ty 
3 Toxic Desire - Name : Yet to come
4 Nyxie Littlepaws- Name Nosferatu
5 serenaalways- my dragons name is LOST SOUL
6 Lucifer Ravenhurst - Dragon Name: Nightmare Before Christmas
7 Sabina Davi - Taste My Candy
8 Karmaveat - Undead
9 Minx Razor -  Twilight Shrieker
10 Mira Hammand
11 Cyrax85 - Lava
12 Brianna Aurelia

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