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Noob question please



So I'm sitting here with 3 baby dragons or I guess 1 drake and 2 Dragoness. Being they are just born can I still feed them the Feracious Crystals or do I have to start with the others that are for non-breeding? I have them set to the Feracious Crystals and it's on owner only and they aren't eating yet. I do have a Nexus Crystal as well.

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  • ~Mystical Officer~

You can have up to 3 dragoness with one drake, if you want to breed them you would want to put them on Feracious Crystals, if you put them on arid it will take them 7 days back on Feracious Crystals before they will gain ardor or zeal. If they are not eating rerezzing them and check their range, they must all be within range of the Feracious Crystals to use it. 

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