Please try not to cringe at Arid usage w/ a Legendary Edition

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This old frosty legendary gal I got was one of the first to get me into these dragons. At first I didn't want to breed them, which is a bit dumb I know - why get into breedables but then not breed them??

Well anyways, Ice Winds here had some funny times before she went Eternal.

... when you hit the crystals too hard...


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When I first learned that dragons mood can be raised by riding or walking with them I started taking one out with me when I went to go check on regions for work. This time, I cammed over to this horse and I chuckled.

Horse: A dragon with ice colors, a wolf with antlers... dear horse god let today not be my day.

Kreide: Oh that'll probably be a cute screenshot.

Dragon: Finally I get to leave that island...


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