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Suggestions, or a Place to post Suggestions?

Esyhl Resident


I may have missed it, but I didn't see a place on the website or the forums to post our feedback (positive, or constructive). To start this post off, I would really like to see a place in the forums where the community can talk about what they want to see in the future. With that said, I hope that this thread is alright.


One feature that I am a little on the fence about is having to do with the Eternal Dragons. If you use the charm, you don't need to feed the dragon anymore and since it's beyond breeding age you don't have to worry about mood stats. You do, however, have to worry about energy. I understand a dragon/pet needing its sleep, but once it has the eternal charm it still requires being rezzed out when it hits 0 energy (as it can still lose energy) and need a recharge. One of the perks of an eternal pet is usually that it doesn't NEED to be rezzed out somewhere to be used. If a Dragon is tired, you cannot wear it as a companion or mount. I feel like this is a reasonable request to find a way to not require the rez/rest once made Eternal with a charm. It's not always easy to have a place for the dragon pet to be rezzed out resting.


Another odd thing I've seen with the Eternals is that sometimes if they are in your inventory for too long (I haven't figured out what is too long yet), if you put it on, it will fail to attach as if it needs sleep. When I finally do rez it out, the dragon is sick for a moment (stone) and needs to rejuvenate itself and transform back to healthy. The process does this automatically once rezzed... but in a way this shouldn't happen at all to an eternal dragon should it?


On non-eternal (or any) Dragons, the only thing I'd like to see changed in the future is being able to ground sit with my dragon. Sometimes you just want to be somewhere with your companion close by in a no-rez area, and being able to sit sometimes is preferred to not be bumped in to, or just because you want to sit on furniture while hanging out. I understand that the auto-detach on sit was enabled due to an exploit found in digging somewhere before I started up dragons. I'm hoping that maybe the development team is still interested in finding a different workaround.




If you read this, thank you for your time! I hope that it's seen that the reason I am even thinking about suggestions like this is because I truly love the product you have made. These Dragons are the best breedable I have seen in SL, and the skins are remarkable. I've become very invested in these. The suggestions I'm making are really based on issues I am running in to in every day life as a Dragon Collector who wants to wear them and show them off all the time throughout SL.


Thank you again to all of the staff and testers!

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