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The only thing that makes zeal go up is your dragons mood being over 75% but you can give them a geno instantly!

Mystical Nesting Charm for Drakes


Nesting Charm for Drakes is a one time use charm will increase one of your drakes Genos by 1.

1. Open boxed Mystical Nesting Charm for Drakes and rez next to the drake you wish to increase the Genos.

2. Click the drake and go to the Absorbables option on the menu.

3. Find Nesting Charm from the options on the menu and click it.

Once the drakes stats have been updated the Nesting Charm will disappear.

'This stat booster can only be used on a drake once in a 24 hour period and can only be used until it reaches 3 Genos, it will not work if the drake already has 3 Genos'

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