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My apologies if this is a stupid question, but... what is aether? I tried searching the various pages of the wiki and all I could find were two instances of the word, one saying you need a "sufficient amount" of aether in order to dig and another saying your dragon goes down to 0% aether if sick.

So, what is it exactly? How does one accrue it? If you need a certain amount of it to dig,  how much is that amount and do you lose it each time you dig?

I'm really curious about the digging/crafting aspect of this game even more the breeding part, so I was a bit disappointed after I bought a dragon and sat on it for an hour wondering why it wasn't digging (I got it linked and turned on in the HUD)... only to find that I missed the part about the aether requirement and then finding further that I couldn't locate any more information about it. ?

Any help toward understanding what aether is and how it works would be appreciated. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, Josaphine Cooperstone said:

Aether is the dragons hunger, if it reaches 100% it will get sick and turn to stone, the crystals is what they eat to keep their aether low:


Thanks! Might I suggest that be added somewhere to the wiki? Nothing under the crystals mentions anything about aether.

Also, what is the "sufficient amount" of aether needed for digging?

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