Tiavane Weyr

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Starting a thread to keep track of my lovely dragons!

I'm still working on my naming convention. Sadly, I can't use apostrophes in dragon/egg names, so I have to figure out something that feels right. 

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Primianth and myself sacked out under the tree! Growing up is hard work.


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Tiavane's Megarthus (Drake)

Skin: Xaytud
Element: Air
Eye: Air Xaytud
Claws: Air Xaytud
Horn: Feathers
Horn Pigment: Air Xaytud
Ornament: Feathers
Ornament Pigment: Air Xaytud

Hatched from an egg I bought on the Marketplace.


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Tiavane's Sirianth (Dragoness)

Skin: Gayvrenth
Element: Water
Eye: Water Gayvrenth
Claws: Air Fruzayl
Horn: Spikes
Horn Pigment: Water Gayvrenth
Ornament: Feathers
Ornament Pigment: Water Gayvrenth


She was my first purchased egg, also on the MP.  I had no idea what I was getting, and I immediately fell in love with her color!


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