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eggs not rezing in world

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Hi all

I will finish this set of dragons but probably NOT start another  until there is a recovery system in place.

I have watched several of my dragons go through the mating process then move directly into recovery without an egg.

This I do NOT believe to be a MD issue but rather an issue with the grid its self. I have seen this happen with other breedables and most all other breedables have a recovery system to replace what SL messes up. 

I can't even put in a ticket on the matter as I have no ID for the egg (s)  lost.

You have done a BEAUTIFUL job creating an incredible breedable  I will continue to support the community and watch for LEs to come out 

If I'm having this issue so are others  Please PLEASE give us a recovery system 

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  • ~Mystical Officer~

Sounds to me like you have a rezzing issue, if the dragons are not able to rezz an egg at their location you will never get an egg.  Even if you dont have the uuids I would suggest filing a ticket because with some information most things can be recovered. What do you have to lose by filing a ticket. I am sorry you are having these issues. All tickets are answered in a timely manner, and paige I believe I have helped you recover eggs. 

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