NEFERTITI - Hitching Post GENOS Auction

Event details

This event began 08/12/2023 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

Have an amazing drake with genos to spare? Want to share his amazing genes but don't want to sell him? Have a great Nessie with 100% ardor but no extra drakes to spare? THIS AUCTION IS FOR YOU!

Our genos auction is the only of its kind on the grid and allows breeders to match-make without having to buy an entire new dragon. Breedings occur in a secure skybox with -no- dragon trading. This auction is for genos only, so the owner of the dragoness automatically receives the egg at breeding.

We recommend a minimum bid of 1,000 or 20% of market price of the drake, whatever is higher, but the sky is the limit!

Join us every Saturday for a one-of-a-kind breeder's event.

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