Mystical Dragon Q & A - 1PM SLT - 22nd December

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Come one come all and find out more info on these awesome animesh dragon breedables! 1pm slt econdlife/The Mystical Creatures/55/155/40


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Sounds good will there be notecard with this on it passed out?  I will not be able to attend it since I have work which conflicts with the time.  But I would love to read about what went on during it.

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I am crossing my fingers that I have the day off!!! But like others, I hope there will be a notecard or maybe even a "Youtube" video posted here later so we can tune for those of us who's work is horrible and can not be bargained with. xD

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I work sat to weds till 3pm slt.  I have Thursday and Friday off usually.  Just sharing my availability.  If the rest of the group could do the same it will be easier for amaretto to find times that work for as many people as possible for future events.


I would appreciate a youtube video of the meeting so I can be in the know as well.

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