• Sparrow

    Let Battle Commence!

    We've been waiting for it... and it's almost here. Yes the BATTLING update is on its way and it's going to be AWESOME.

    What do we know? Well, there is a battling platform which will be supplied by Mystical Creatures. Battling will be based on turns.... and you can train your dragon from birth. That's right; from the minute the dragon is born, you can train it to enhance its skills. Imagine that! It adds a whole new layer of interactivity with these beautiful Mystical Creatures. There will be a leader board and I am guessing there are a lot of people who want to be top of that. Ok.. yeah.. I do... so I am getting ready. We are gonna start training our dragons...

    That's right! Toothless look out, we are going to learn how to Train Our Dragons!

    So what can we do to prepare? Well, I guess we need to create the ULTIMATE battle dragons. Let me tell you what I am up to.

    So I have been concentrating on getting some Sterling Steel traits going. My endgame is to get a Sterling Steel boy or girl with all Bloody Phantom traits. If I can get the Ruby Fissure or Charcoal Smolder on there, to make it look battle damaged, even better.

    I've been schmoozing the skin back and forth with some high-traited Bloody Phantoms. It's a long haul but I am getting there. I now have a Sterling Steel boy that is DOS of all the Bloody Phantom Traits and he's now being bred with some high traited females.

    Once I have the ULTIMATE battle dragons I will not birth them. No sir!


    Well, you have to train them from birth. So they will sit there, the Battling Brood until the Horn of Draconis sounds, the Battle Drums begin and we say... LET BATTLE COMMENCE!

    Ok... and did I mention, I want the MOLTEN eye, Sterling Steel Skin and Bloody Phantom traits... Yeah. She gonna look BADDASSS.

    Happy breeding, Mystical Family!



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