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    ~Mystical Market Owners Coalition~

    Hello Mystical Family! Hope everyone is having a great day! So im very excited to announce something that a few of our breeders have been working on and would like you to get involved with!

    What am I talking about?  
    ~Mystical Market Owners Coalition~

    Who is ~Mystical Market Owners Coalition~?
    This is a group for any and all breeders of Mystical Dragons! 

    What is ~Mystical Market Owners Coalition~ about?
    ~Mystical Market Owners Coalition~ is to keep the market owners and breeders together and hopefully promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market.

    When does ~Mystical Market Owners Coalition~ Meet?
    They will have monthly meetings and events so keep an eye out for their events on the community calendar! 

    Where does ~Mystical Market Owners Coalition~ meet?
    At the Main Dragon Store

    I want you guys to understand this is a group ran by breeders just like you who donate their time and effort to make the Mystical Community an even better one! This group is not ran by Mystical Creatures in any way but we do support their efforts. 

    Coming in the future is a place for you to submit your designer dragons to MMOC and they will be posted on the Mystical Website under MMOC!

    I would encourage and ask all of you to think about getting involved with MMOC no matter if you breed 10 Dragons or 100! If you are interested in becoming an officer please contact Grey Monday (grey.cloud) in world! 
    The group is currently open for the first few weeks for everyone to join! So get in there and watch for things to come!


    Make it a Mystical Day!