• Livia


    Have you known there is a walkthrough at Mystical Creatures Home sim? It explains in detail all you need to know about absorbable and edibles.
    Sixteen stations cover what they are and how they affect your dragons. You get information from the Nexus Crystal to the potion of healing.
    You maybe know already what those are for and how and when to use them. But there are always new breeders joining the Mystical Creatures family. And when "noobies;" ask you for help, you can direct them to the walkthrough so they can learn the basics. 


    Remember, we are close to the 2.0 version update. It's expected new joiners to the Mystical Creatures World, so paying a visit to the walkthrough can improve your knowledge and help others to develop solid fundamentals.

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Mystical Creatures/121/153/32


    Other sources of knowledge at your disposal are Ava's dragon course, seven classes from basic to advanced dragon breeding tips, and the website, but you are already here.

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