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    Union Crystal

    If you have a lot of Dragons and want to sort your breeding the Mystical Union Crystal might be perfect for you.  You can get one for free any any Mystical Creatures store, which you can find a list at https://mysticalcreaturesamaretto.com/storelocations/.


    Now what is this amazing device.  Well it is a way for you to make unions between your Dragon Drakes and Dragoness'.  There is no limit to the number of Dragons you can place on one union crystal but it is recommended to keep it under 20 Dragons.

    How do you use this:


    1. Rez out a Union Crystal next to the dragons you want to breed together.

    2. Click the dragon you want to connect to a Union Crystal, in the menu select Mating> Union Crystal, you will get a message in local to touch the Union Crystal you want that dragon connected to, select connect from the crystal menu. You will get another message in local that the dragon is connected and its uuid.

    Then you are all connected.  Unlike Horses, you will not need to redo this after each breeding.

    There are three features on the Unity Crystal you should know about.

    1. Name - you can name your union crystal, and you should if you have multiple crystals rezzed.
    2. Text - turns on and off hover text
    3. List - will send you a list in local chat of all dragons on that Unity Crystal.

    So if you have been looking for a way to organize your Dragons breeding and don't want to put them all in different groups or under different names or group them by distance, this might be the best idea for you.


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