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    Twilight Enkindler Traits?

    You enter the Mystical Creatures sim to approach Tia’Malcara, she is rest on top of her perch watching the waves crash into the rocks below. 

    You continue your way up the cliffs getting closer "Tia!  Tia!" you yell, running closer. 

    “Ah, welcome back friend.”  stretching out her wings greeting you in all her beauty. 

    You reach into your back pack and show her this picture, "I have seen a few dragons lately with these amazing Twilight Enkindler traits on dragons!"


    Tia turns her head to look at the photograph, "wow it seems that many strange things are happening that haven't happened in such a long time!"  

    "When the  Enigma - Twilight Enkindler was spotted I was so thrilled but as I remember there was more to these amazing dragons. Many moons ago when a Enigma was born it had the ability to pass its beautiful traits to younger generations, it is believed that if you the younger generations were to be mated together that you could see amazing dragons never seen before!" 

    "It has been so long since ive seen any  Twilight Enkindler passing to younger generations i am left to wonder what other possibilities there may be?" Tia lays back on the rocks, and begins to close her weary eyes “Til next time, friend.”

    You rush to the bottom of the cliffs and pull out your note book and jot this down for later

    "Twilight Enkindler traits that pass to offspring and later breed together could produce something amazing and never seen before!"

    You tuck your things back in your back pack and start the long trek home, what could this mean you think as you walk, has anyone else seen these things you wonder?

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