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    Trend Setting News!  Dragon Fitness, battle Arena & Auction house now open at Sun & Moon: 


    Dear Breeders,
    Introducing the very first of its kind a dragon fitness and battle arena!  Sun and Moon has created a new experience for you and your dragon to train together with their obstacle courses, a flying time test or a walking one.  Both obstacle courses are timed and have leaders boards.  Warning you must do the course with in the perimeters laid out or you will be disqualified.  I myself brought one of my dragons and did the flying obstacle and the walking one.  Both courses were a lot of fun and very challenging.  The maze on the walking obstacle course was very challenging.  I really had a great time doing both courses.  My scores on the leader board was at the bottom lol Which only means practice makes better!  They even provide a resting station for your dragon complete with food!  



    Sun and Moon also has a battle arena for the new update of the dragons.  They are an official Mystical Creatures Market place and Auction house.  So yes when the update comes out you will be able to bring your dragons and have battles there.  Only at official Mystical Creatures sites can you battle your dragon for points.  



    Sun and Moon has everything for dragons.  Their auction house is a visual experience that I can't wait to attend.  They have stall rentals as well.  


    I encourage you to get your favorite dragon and go test your skills at Sun and Moon obstacle courses.  It is a blast!  Here is the slurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desires World/50/208/2994  

    See you over there!  
    This is Maggie Mae reporting live on trendsetting news with Mystical Creatures.  


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