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    Tia'Malcara's Secret!

    Hello Mystical Family! How is everyone today? Well I went to the Main Mystical Creatures store today and something was in the air! Do you know what it was? I didn't either as I was checking around the sim to see what was wrong, I approached Tia'Malcara the mother of all dragons! I don't think she knew I was approaching because I over heard her speaking but no exactly sure to who so I thought I would share it all with you! 


    Tia'Malcara tilts her great head, lips pursed as a talon taps at the stony edifice as if in deep thought. Then, a flash of knowing as an audible 'oh' leaves her maw. "You've done well to help reclaim what was lost to us, but there is still so much more to uncover. I remember, long ago.. Dragons with markings could exhibit a variety of colors.. More than what we've seen since you've welcomed our kind back into your homes."

    "I remember this precocious young hatchling.. whose parents were a beautiful Water Dragon, and another whose scales were patterned in markings like that of fissures. Another was this shy thing.. Their parents were as fierce as they were elegant--A dashing Fire dragon and their mate, whose scales bore markings like that of fine lacing. Much has been lost to us, but I wonder if one might rediscover something long forgotten by following their examples. Who knows, maybe other similar pairings could reveal something magnificent?

    What could this mean? Is there more for us to discover? Who was she speaking to? So many questions, maybe YOU are the one to help me find the answers! 

    Make it a Mystical Day! 

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