• Sparrow

    There can be only One.....

    The crowd falls silent. Far off, in the distance, a lonely church bell tolls. And then the drums begin, an urgent, strident beat that sets your heart pumping and the adrenaline rushing through your body. The crowd cheers. The dragons roar. The Riders, elegant in their battle gear, urge their magnificent steeds into the arena. All falls silent, all those gathered falling silent in anticipation.

    The Dragonring Master raises his staff.

    A horn sounds.

    Flames shoot up around the arena as the order is given, 'LET. BATTLE. COMMENCE!'

    The crowd screams....

    Yup. It's coming soon and on behalf of all the Official Mystical Markets I am proud to announce the formation of the Coalition of Battle Arenas!

    That's right, all the Official Mystical Markets have joined forces to create a Super League of Dragon Arenas. Very soon, you will get to choose your house and ride into battle on their behalf. Each Sim will have its own team and we will all battle for the glory that comes with being the last standing dragon and rider. Maggie Mae has designed awesome banners for each sim and we will all work together to create a fantastic battling experience for you all.

    There will be trophies, trinkets and triskets for your troubles - and you are guaranteed a fun time.

    But remember..... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

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