• Livia

    The DEM (Dragon Environment Manipulator)

    Did you know you can preset all configurations of your dragons so the moment the eggs hatch, they automatically receive all settings?

     To do that, all you need is a Dragon Environment Manipulator. All your 

    dragons on the same sim will respect the behaviors you preset in this tool. It's a free tool you can find at any Mystical Creatures store, and if you want to save time and headaches, I recommend using it.


    Now let's have a quick look at how it works. Once you click your Dragon Environment Manipulator, it shows a menu: 

    • Mobility 
    •    Text
    • Sounds
    • Perimeter
    • Home setting
    • Breath
    • DEM Text

    Choose the environment behavior you want to set up and choose active or inactive.

    • Mobility defines if your dragons will walk around randomly or stand still.
    • The text option turns your dragons' text on or off.
    • The same happens for sounds; you can choose on or off.
    • When you click Perimeter, a message like this will show in your local chat "Set the Perimeter in local chat (channel 0) or use 0 to disable change". Remember you must type /0 before the perimeter entry to use channel 0.
    • The home setting sets the home to all your dragons.
    • Breath turns your dragon's breathing effect on or off.
    • The DEM Text option allows you to choose if you want all your settings to show as a floating text above your DEM.

    The DEM isn't a new tool to most dragons' breeders, but I hope it clarifies how to use it right. And that this connection reaches those who didn't know about its use.

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