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    Showing Off Your Dragons?

    So, I hear, you want to show off your Dragons and not breed them?  That's fine but you will still want to make sure they are fed until you can turn them into an Eternal Dragon (which is after they turn 100 days old), so how do you keep them fed and not allow them to breed?

    Arid Crystals!!


    One Mystical Dragon Feracious Crystals/Mystical Dragon Arid Crystals will last 1 dragon approximately 4 weeks.

    Mystical Dragon Feracious Crystals are for dragons you wish to breed once they reach 5 days old. Mystical Dragon Arid Crystals are to be used when you do not not wish to breed your dragons. If you decide to breed your dragon after feeding it Mystical Dragon Arid Crystals, it will take 7 days on Mystical Dragon Feracious Crystals for the effects of the Arid Crystals to ware off.

    1. Rez the crystals within your dragons set range. (a dragons default range is 10 meters)

    2. Can click the crystals to change options and see remaining %. Options include owner only, group only, and all. owner only: Will only be consumed by the owners dragons. group only: Will only be consumed by dragons in the same group as the crystals are set to. all: Any dragon within range of the crystals will be able to consume it.

    So now you can keep your Dragons from breeding but still keep them on display!!